Nile River Typemap.png

Nile River TypeMap

This is the second river in my TypeMap Series. Mapping all of the towns makes me want to take a trip down the Nile to see what they're all like.

I'd heard the name "Blue Nile" before but never gave it much thought. But there are actually many Niles. The source of the Nile, Lake Victoria empties into a short stretch of river called, The Victoria Nile. Lake Albert empties into a stretch known predictably as, "The Albert Nile" which then turns into, "The Mountain Nile" All of these stretches are part of the largest branch of the Nile known as "The White Nile. The White and Blue Nile merge at the City of Khartoum and flow as a single river north to Cairo and the Mediterranean Sea.

I would love to be able to make a version of this in Arabic if I can find an easy way to copy and paste the type from a reference map into Adobe Illustrator where I composed this.