A Map of the Dahala Khagrabari enclave inside a Bangladesh enclave which sits inside of India

Bangladesh-India, Dahala Khagrabari Exclave.png

This tiny slice of India is a small field owned by a farmer who lives in the surrounding Bangladeshi town. According to Wikipedia, the field is, “the world's one and only 3rd order enclave (a piece of India inside a piece of Bangladesh inside a piece of India inside a piece of Bangladesh).” There are a total of 106 Indian exclaves inside Bangladesh and 92 of Bangladesh that sit inside India.

As with other third world exclaves, they appear as humorous curiosities but are anything but fun for the residents. According to the Wikipedia article, "Residents of the exclaves generally live in miserable conditions, lacking access to basic services such as healthcare or electricity. These are not provided by their own government, as they are isolated from it by a strip of foreign land; nor are they provided by the surrounding state. They cannot visit their own country without crossing the international border surrounding the territory (enclave).”

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