Battery Park City TypeMap.jpg

Battery Park City TypeMap

This is the first TypeMap I ever created back in 1988. At the time, it was a creative accident. I was prepping the map to be silk screened and had separated the linework, color fills and type into separate layers. As I looked at the type layer in isolation, I realized that much of the map still read (literally).

You can see how the streets of Battery Park City connect to the streets of lower Manhattan. This was not always the case. In the original modernist plan, Battery Park City was supposed to be a completely separate and utopian, city-within-the-city. Luckily, this plan was scrapped before it was built and a new plan was proposed by (I think) Peter Cooper and others that connected Battery Park City to lower Manhattan by extending the city grid. 

I did this map while working as a designer at Edwin Schlossberg Incorporated (now ESI Design). We were working on signage and environmental graphics for The World Financial Center. I was the unofficial cartographer for the project. The map is now somewhat of a piece of history in that it was created prior to 9/11 when the Twin Towers and the surrounding World Trade Center were still standing.