Designer / Map Maker

I’m a designer by day and a map maker at night. I’ve been leading design teams for over twenty years. My primary focus is product strategy and user experience design. The common thread in all of my work is a passion for understanding the user and translating that into business and product vision. I’ve directed design teams at large multi-national companies like Sony, Yahoo! And Motorola and at small startups. I currently lead a team of awesome designers and researchers at Meltwater, a media monitoring enterprise software company.

I studied architecture and design in college which provided the perfect platform for design thinking. I started professional life as an exhibit designer in New York City working for the early pioneer of interactive experience design, Edwin Schlossberg. My exhibit projects included both physical and digital experiences. This work led me to the field of interaction design and a move to California. I joined Sony in 1994 to help them transition from stand-alone gadgets to networked devices and services. While there, I led the design for four of Sony’s first five Internet-connected products. I’ve been awarded over twenty U.S. patents for networked media devices. I led web design teams at Yahoo! including two of their web properties and both enterprise and consumer websites.

My side hustle is cartography. I designed several maps at the first two companies I worked for and became fascinated with maps as a form of media that dances between images that we view and text that we read. Maps are interesting design problems and the experience of creating them has informed my other work.

My other activities have included serving on the Board of Directors at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, serving as a juror for the Smithsonian Institute’s National Design Awards and being a volunteer camp counselor at Camp Okizu, a camp for children and families dealing with cancer.

When I’m not working, I enjoy kayaking, travel, hiking and camping. Most of all, I love being with my wife, Anne.

Contact: amproehl (at) gmail . com